About Todd Smith

Todd Smith Todd grew up in a family that struggled with health and obesity. As a child he watched his family try every fad diet and quick fix workout program that hit the market, only to fail over and over again. The pain that he felt watching his family struggle forged his motivation and dedication to his life’s calling of helping others improve their health. As a young man Todd Smith strove to learn everything that he could about exercise and nutrition so that he could teach his family to be healthy, strong, and confident. His desire to learn took him all over the USA. He was not just satisfied in reading books.

Todd wanted to personally meet all the greatest minds that shared his love for transforming people’s bodies and helping them to achieve their dreams. Some of the mentors Todd had the privilege of studying under include:

Vince Gironda (The Iron Guru): Vince understood biomechanics and the role exercise has in sculpting the human body. Vince owned a gym in North Hollywood for over 40 years and helped many movie stars transform their bodies. Todd read all Vince’s books and spent one month training with him at his gym. While his training style was unorthodox, the results he delivered were unprecedented. Vince’s philosophies have left a huge impact on Todd to this day.

Larry Scott: Larry was the first man to win bodybuilding’s biggest title: Mr. Olympia. Larry was a disciple of Vince Gironda’s but he was also a master in the science of nutrition. Larry understood the glycemic index and taught Todd the importance of supplementation to attain optimal results. Todd spent two weeks training with Larry in Utah in 1981, and utilized him as an advisor for many years.

Arthur Jones: He developed the Nautilus line of workout equipment, and was the first person to understand the role of muscle in stimulating the metabolic rate. Todd read all of his books and spent a week with him in Florida training under his guidance.

Bill Pearl: Bill was the greatest bodybuilder in the world during the 1950s and 1960s. Todd read all Bill’s books and had the honor to speak at length with him on many occasions. Bill shared with Todd all his nutritional nuances and his incredible ability to overcome adversity in the pursuit of his dreams.

Through interacting with these and other pillars in the world community Todd gained an in-depth philosophy and education in the exercise and health. It was through the initial guidance of some of these people that Todd was able to compete and take third in the 1986 Mr. USA.
Once Todd finished school he opened up his own gym. Todd had to move and expand his gym three times in the first five years. At the end of it he had a state-of-the-art facility that drew the attention of 24 Hour Fitness. The purchase of his business allowed him to go and chase a whole new set of dreams.
On leaving his gym Todd re-devoted himself to learning and perfecting his own exercise and nutritional system. After two years of research Todd came up with the, “Todd Smith’s ‘I Can Do It’ Total Lifestyle Program.” He created an infomercial and successfully sold this program to over 70,000 participants. During that same span of time he won the 1999 National Steroid Free Bodybuilding Championship in Venice Beach, California. After winning the competition he became a contributing author to Ironman Magazine.