Personal Training

If you are ready to look and feel your best, we are ready for you! The team at Todd Smith Fitness lives and loves the fitness lifestyle. You will feel the motivation when you walk in the door. When talking to our trainers, you will hear the passion that delivers results. And you will experience the joy of seeing great results when you join! When it comes to exercise biomechanics, Todd likes to say, “If you aren’t doing it exactly right, you are doing it completely wrong!” It is critical that every movement be executed perfectly, and the trainers at Todd Smith Fitness will ensure you get it right every time. The Todd Smith Fitness team makes sure your workouts are safe, simple, and give you results you’ve been dreaming of.


Your body is unique, and when you execute a particular exercise, special attention must be paid to the way that you move. Incorrectly performed exercises can hamper your progress. When you begin a new fitness regime and want to get healthier, the last thing you need is an injury getting in the way. Our trainers customize each movement specifically for your body. Todd Smith Fitness trainers are focused on you. Every movement you make is assessed for risk versus benefit. Every client receives individual attention. During your workout, we consider your experience and current fitness level when deciding which exercises you should perform and with what intensity. We closely monitor your movements to make sure that you perform each exercise with safety in mind. With our focus on safety, you’ll get the maximum benefit from every workout.


Exercise benefits us in many ways. It makes us feel better, improves our health, and clears our minds. When you start stimulating your muscles, you’ll begin to feel better both physically and mentally. Our trainers will ensure you use perfect biomechanics, and they will moderate the intensity of each exercise to maximize results and minimize risk of injury. You’ll begin to realize your goals in no time. When considering starting a program at Todd Smith Fitness, consider how valuable your own personal time is. You won’t be wasting time experimenting with fitness regimes which may not be right for you. At Todd Smith Fitness, you particular goals will inform our trainers as they guide you on a journey to improved health and meeting, or even surpassing, your fitness goals. One of our dedicated trainers will be with you every step of the way. We will make sure that you are executing each movement to perfection, while pushing you to maximize your results.


The human body is an amazing, complex machine, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a manual! During the 30 years Todd Smith has been involved in the fitness world, he’s often been baffled at the expectation that we should simply understand how to maintain these complex devices that are our bodies. Consider another machine, a blender, for example, and the detailed instructions that accompany the purchase. The blender manual describes exactly how to use each setting, and even explains how to take care of the blender to ensure it lasts as long as possible, and works at peak efficiency. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if such manuals came with our bodies? The trainers at Todd Smith Fitness are the manual, and their instructions will help you maintain and improve the machine that is your body. We simplify the process and remove the guesswork, so that you can get down to the business of getting healthy and living the best life possible!

Meet Our Trainers

Get to know those who are committed to you and your goals.

Johnson Lawson IV

Master Trainer

(402) 998-5400

Johnson Lawson IV has been working with fitness enthusiast in Omaha since 2006. He received his bachelor’s degree in Sports Fitness in 2005 from Midland University in Fremont, Nebraska. Johnson has a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is also certified by the National Posture Institute. Johnson has been competing in natural bodybuilding since 2006, and he’s won several contests. In 2014 he achieved his ultimate goal and became Mr. Natural Nebraska. Johnson currently resides in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska with wife Jessica and their four children.

Daniel Ripa

Acquisition and Retention Manager

(402) 981-6230

A lifelong resident of Omaha, Daniel Ripa prides himself as a devoted husband and father. Dan has a strong affinity for exercise and fitness. He excelled at football and baseball while he attended Creighton Prep High School. It was there, while working with the strength coach, that Dan’s interest in weight lifting was piqued. He participated in the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Exercise Science program and completed several personal training internships at local gyms. Dan is a certified Postural Specialist, and he has extensive knowledge of nutrition and supplementation.

Richie Briggs

General Manager

(402) 649-1060

Richie grew up in Norfolk Nebraska. He loved playing football as a child. During high school, his commitment to strength training carried him from 4th string to starter in less than a year. He later became involved in the sport of powerlifting, and he continues to hold the Nebraska bench press record of 865 lb. Richie has a family history that includes type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease, which inspired his interest in personal training. His goal is to help his clients improve themselves beyond what they think is possible.

Mckenna Kuhn

Master Motivator

(402) 998-5400

Mckenna Kuhn loves working out because it gives him physical relevance. He strives to live a healthy lifestyle, hoping to set an example for others, helping them achieve their physical fitness goals. McKenna most enjoys training his back muscles, believing the back is not only the key to optimal aesthetics, but is paramount to achieving proper body posture. Nutrition is the foundation of McKenna’s healthy lifestyle, and his favorite meal is, without a doubt, a ribeye steak with eggs. It satisfies his animal instincts! McKenna is a knowledgeable, dedicated trainer who loves helping people improve their health and happiness.

Todd Smith

Owner and Operations

(402) 998-5400

Todd Smith became interested in fitness and nutrition early in his life. He watched his family struggle with weight-gain and poor fitness, and he became determined to learn all that he could so that he could help his loved ones improve their health. Todd’s mentors included some of the biggest names in the fitness world, and he dedicated his life to learning about the human body, nutrition, and exercise. He channeled all of his knowledge and decades of experience into Todd Smith Fitness. Todd remains dedicated to helping his clients improve their health, appearance and overall wellbeing.