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Reality Check Time!

Posted at 6:00 pm in News by toddsmith

Have you ever felt down in the dumps about the direction your health is going? Felt like you’re in a rut? Then it’s time to take a hard look in the mirror and do some self-evaluation. Self-evaluation does not need to be some deep philosophical look inward. Just ask yourself, have your actions been in line with habits…

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Ripa’s 3 Tips for Change!

Posted at 3:58 pm in News by toddsmith

What does it take to make a real change in your life? Honestly, it doesn’t take as much as you think. Making a real change in your life involves making a simple decision AND following through with it! So if your “resolution” in 2017 was to get in shape, shed unwanted body fat and…

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Workout Partners

Posted at 4:56 pm in News by toddsmith

Did you know having a training buddy can boost your fitness success exponentially? We don’t need a study to tell us doing activities with friends increases our level of enjoyment. That’s why we go to movies, dinners, and sporting events with each other. Why should working out be any different? No one wants to cancel plans with…

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Be Conscious of What You Eat!

Posted at 8:35 pm in News by Nate Adkisson

There are a lot of “diet articles” and documentaries out there pushing different agendas and misinformation. To be honest, it even makes my head spin every time I finish a new one and I’m in the trenches every day. The golden rule I always fall back on when it comes to trying to eat as clean as possible is to…

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Stop Eating Processed Food

Posted at 12:03 am in News by toddsmith

You’ve all had the trainers beat you over the head with it over and over. “Stop eating processed food!” and yet…here we are. You might even be enjoying some chips and a can of soda as you read this? On the other hand, maybe you are eating something else entirely that might be sabotaging you unknowingly. A granola bar? Beef…

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Happy Valentines Day!

Posted at 1:08 pm in News by toddsmith

Tomorrow is everyone’s favorite commercial holiday! In celebration, Todd Smith Fitness wants to invite you to skip the flowers and candy and get your partner what they really want; a great workout here at Todd Smith Fitness. Bring in a partner anytime this week for a private session with one of our great trainers. There are many benefits to working…

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Halloween Safety Tips From #tsfitness

Posted at 3:49 pm in News by toddsmith

Plan Your Route – If you happen to do legs that day make sure you avoid hills while walking around your neighborhood. Wear Comfy Shoes – Make sure you wear flat soled shoes in case you want to do the “Squat Challenge” at every door. Rich suggest 25 squats for every door you knock on.

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Food For Though: Skipping Breakfast

Posted at 10:49 am in News by toddsmith

Food for thought: Skipping breakfast sets you up to make horrible food choices later in the day. Why? How many times have you waited until you were ravenous then began searching for food? I too have been guilty of waiting until I was extremely hungry then grabbing the first edible thing in sight. Once you are hungry how…

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4 Ways To Stay Flabby, Weak, and Injured

Posted at 6:10 pm in News by toddsmith

Mindless long bouts of cardio: Spending endless time on that treadmill will increase the amounts of cortisol your body makes. High levels of cortisol have been found to increase body fat around your mind section. Let’s not forget the amount of stress you will put on your body increasing free radicals. Free radicals cause inflammation. Inflammation speeds…

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We ARE What We Eat!

Posted at 10:31 am in News by toddsmith

Today I want to talk about a very old saying that goes something like, “you are what you eat”. No intelligent adult believes that if they have a piece of cake that they will in fact turn into a piece of cake. The basis of this old adage is that the things we put into our body constantly…

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