Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ’s are quick and easy answers to some of the questions we get asked the most. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions if you have a question that you need answered. Visit our contact page if you need anything else answered!

Many gyms, and the fitness industry as a whole, aim to reach younger, athletic people who are already active. Todd realized that adults, who aren’t currently athletic, or who’ve been inactive for some time, were being left behind. At Todd Smith Fitness, we aim to be the BEST place for adults, typically 35 to 75 years old, regardless of their past fitness experience. Our goal is to help improve not only your fitness level, but also improve your posture, reduce joint and muscle pain, protect your spine, help you lose weight and build muscle, and to improve your overall health and sense of well being 

During your first visit to Todd Smith Fitness, you will be introduced to our friendly training staff, and you’ll be given a tour of all three of our facilities. You can participate in an introductory workout session, or you can schedule your first workout at a future date that is convenient for you.

Our trainers all follow a specific approach to training clients. Each of our trainers employs the same training technique; they all train you the way Todd Smith himself would. This benefits our clients greatly because it allows them to freely schedule workouts without worrying if a particular trainer is busy or not. Moreover, whether the client needs to come in the early morning or late evening, they know they can expect the same great workout experience every time they come to the gym.

At Todd Smith Fitness we keep our expert personal training affordable and flexible by performing personal training in small groups. Groups are separated by who is doing what that day, their ability level, and preferred pace. During resistance training it is important to rest between sets to ensure optimal performance. When it is your turn, the trainer’s attention is on YOU. Trainers will modify exercises, resistance, and coaching ques for each client. After your set, it is time for you to rest and prepare for the next round while the trainer shifts his or her attention to the next person in the group. This also helps pace the workout effectively.

We recommend those new to Todd Smith Fitness start with 2 days a week. We believe in making small incremental changes to your routine to allow the body to adjust. Your body is actively repairing itself on the days you don’t come to the gym. Trying to exercise while you are sore and fatigued can be counterproductive, especially at the beginning of a new routine. As clients progress, we intensify the workouts. After a couple of months, depending on your goals, we will recommend adding another day of training and/or cardio days. 

Resistance training accelerates body fat loss, builds bone density, delays sarcopenia, and improves posture, not to mention boosting confidence. With resistance training you will look and feel better.

All of the trainers at Todd Smith Fitness are equipped to answer any nutritional questions you may have. We encourage you to read the Ultimate Eating Guide. It will serve as a foundation for a healthy nutrition plan, and it will prepare you for your first session with Nutrition Pros.

It’s the million dollar question! Our bodies are as unique as the snowflakes falling from the January skies. Everyone will see results at different rates. If you completely surrender yourself to our tried and true workout methods, eliminate processed foods and follow good nutrition guidelines, you will start to look and feel better within weeks.

All prospective members are encouraged to try a couple workout sessions to determine if we are a good fit for their new lifestyle. Todd Smith Fitness is a community based gym which emphasizes a welcoming family atmosphere.  

At Todd Smith Fitness, we understand that daily-life obstacles can throw a wrench in your schedule. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to your workout, just use our 24-hour text service to get rescheduled as soon as possible. We are not a “session” based facility. Todd Smith Fitness does not “take away” a missed workout. Our goal is to help you improve your health, on your schedule. 

At Todd Smith Fitness you won’t have to pay extra to work with a personal trainer. Every time you walk into the gym a personal trainer is waiting to workout with you. Please contact us for monthly plans.

We are located on the corner of North 76th St and Cass St. Todd Smith Fitness is positioned directly between Nutrishop and Ultimate Workout. Here you will find solutions to fulfill all of your fitness and nutrition needs.

Nutrishop and Ultimate Workout are part of the the Todd Smith Solutions family. All three businesses work congruently to take the guess work out of helping you achieve your goals.