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Be Conscious of What You Eat!

Posted at 8:35 pm in News by Nate Adkisson

There are a lot of “diet articles” and documentaries out there pushing different agendas and misinformation. To be honest, it even makes my head spin every time I finish a new one and I’m in the trenches every day. The golden rule I always fall back on when it comes to trying to eat as clean as possible is to keep it simple.

The moment I feel myself reading too much into some “new” information, spending hours trying to decode it, I come to the same conclusion. This hot new diet, nutrition plan, or lifestyle isn’t actually new. It’s the same old thing that works every time:

Eat a balanced diet made up of ALL the food groups. There are not any evil food groups out there ready to sabotage you. It’s not the foods that betray you, it’s your decision making. Be conscious every time you belly up to the table. Do not mindlessly eat foods that are not congruent with your current goals. Key word, congruent. No one has long term success on deprivation diets. I have never preached to clients, “you can’t have a cookies again.” My advice has always reflected what your current goals are.

Want to lose weight? Skip the simple sugar until you reach your desired result then be moderate and conscious. Want to fit into that old pair of jeans? Put down the processed foods that elevate your gastrointestinal inflammation.

Be conscious of what you eat! Eat foods in line with your goals. If you want to be lean, if you want to feel your best, if you want to look your best, do not mindlessly eat foods that are destructive to your health. Eat lean cuts of meat. Eat power packed complex carbohydrates. Eat your nutrient and vitamin dense veggies. Make the conscious decision to put your health first.