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Stop Eating Processed Food

Posted at 12:03 am in News by toddsmith

You’ve all had the trainers beat you over the head with it over and over. “Stop eating processed food!” and yet…here we are. You might even be enjoying some chips and a can of soda as you read this? On the other hand, maybe you are eating something else entirely that might be sabotaging you unknowingly. A granola bar? Beef jerky? Whole wheat noodles? Cheese? All processed. Don’t get me wrong, unless you’re only eating the veggies from your garden on your cattle ranch; your food is processed.

The line we need to define is the difference between mechanically and chemically processed food. Fruit is plucked from trees by machines and veggies harvested by combines, both samples of mechanical processing. Potato chips are different; they are manufactured using artificial ingredients and substances like high fructose corn syrup. Processed foods are directly linked to insulin resistance, increase in bad cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, and cancer to name a few problems. We aren’t telling you to stop eating processed foods because we are worried about your pant size, it’s about your quality of life. It’s about feeling your best, and being your best.

Here is a list of other things to consider the next time you grab that bag or wrapper:

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) – Most processed foods contains it. HFCS increases your daily intake with empty calories that will only leave you wanting more.
  • Over Eating – Manufactures know that the human body craves energy. Foods that are salty and sweet spike your appetite. Your stomach might be full, but the hormones you are releasing from your brain are telling your hand to keep shoving more food in. Ever been to the movie theater?
  • Artificial Ingredients – Want a tip to live by? If you can’t pronounce more than half the stuff on that label, it’s probably not good for you.
  • Rewarding – You know that “good feeling” you get when you eat junk food? That’s the dopamine being released by your brain. Junk food does this all of us. Find other ways to deal with stress and reward yourself with healthy alternatives. For example you can go to the spa, buy some new work out clothes, sign-up for a healthy food delivery service, spend time with a good friend, etc.
  • Low Value – Processed food, for the most part, does not provide any nutritional value. That is why it is called junk food. JUNK.

Processed food has no place in a healthy, well-rounded diet. Instead, concentrate on consuming real food the majority of the time. Real food can be described as any food without contaminates and chemicals. Try to stick to single ingredient foods that are dense with nutrients if you want to look and feel your best.