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Workout Partners

Posted at 4:56 pm in News by toddsmith

Did you know having a training buddy can boost your fitness success exponentially? We don’t need a study to tell us doing activities with friends increases our level of enjoyment. That’s why we go to movies, dinners, and sporting events with each other. Why should working out be any different?

No one wants to cancel plans with a friend. Knowing you have a scheduled appointment with your workout buddy will help motivate you to show up and train, especially considering you know you will have more fun with friends. Have you ever left a workout or event with friends and not had a good time? We didn’t think so. Not to mention this ensures you will always have a support system in place for the aftermath of those really grueling training sessions. You know the ones I’m talking about, when the personal trainer has just taken you to uncharted territory and you don’t know if you can get out of bed. You can rest assured your training partner is feeling the same way.

In a busy world with lots of time commitments finding time to spend with your friends can become difficult, especially with work, kids, volunteer hours, and maintaining a home, to name a few obligations. Try and think of a better time to kill two birds with one stone. Workout sessions with friends will be more fun, keep you accountable, provide emotional and physical support, and allow you to spend time with those you enjoy being around.

At Todd Smith Fitness you are always welcome to bring a friend with you to train. Let us know ahead of time and we will guarantee a great workout experience.