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Food For Though: Skipping Breakfast

Posted at 10:49 am in News by toddsmith

Food for thought: Skipping breakfast sets you up to make horrible food choices later in the day. Why? How many times have you waited until you were ravenous then began searching for food? I too have been guilty of waiting until I was extremely hungry then grabbing the first edible thing in sight. Once you are hungry how often have you been patient enough to grab or prepare something sensible? I am willing to guess, not very often.
One solution to help curb your bad dietary choices is starting the day off with healthy and hearty breakfast. Don’t skip it! Research shows if you start your day off with a good selection of protein, carbs, and fats you will be less likely to grab junk during your work day. If you think about it, it just makes sense. If my first meal is whole eggs and old fashion oats I will stay full longer and want to build upon my first good meal with a second good meal. I won’t be hungry mid-morning and searching for change to raid the vending machine.
The road to looking better and feeling better is a step by step process you have to embrace. One foot in front of other, one step at a time. Meal by meal. Of course your going to have missteps occasionally but we have to do our best to get our feet back on the path asap.