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4 Ways To Stay Flabby, Weak, and Injured

Posted at 6:10 pm in News by toddsmith


  1. Mindless long bouts of cardio: Spending endless time on that treadmill will increase the amounts of cortisol your body makes. High levels of cortisol have been found to increase body fat around your mind section. Let’s not forget the amount of stress you will put on your body increasing free radicals. Free radicals cause inflammation. Inflammation speeds up the aging process.
  2. Lots of crunches and still no abs? All those abs exercises might “feel” great while you’re doing them but you might be forcibly flexing your spine and craning your neck. If you want a flat stomach and visible abs you’re going to need to reduce that layer of adipose tissue covering them. Crunches don’t burn fat.
  3. Same workout every day, every week, month after month and no progress? We all love the comfort of our routines but your routine will hold you back. Our bodies adapt to change and halt progress. If you want to keep moving toward you goal you have to find different ways to exercise and challenge your body.
  4. Let’s say you’ve already hit the plateau so you’ve decided to work harder and longer. You keep increasing your working duration. I got news for you if you want to look and feel your best. The body responds best to quality not quantity. Quality is often overlooked when it comes to training. Instead of doing more, more, and more cut your time in half to concentrate on doing things correctly and intensely.