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We ARE What We Eat!

Posted at 10:31 am in News by toddsmith

Today I want to talk about a very old saying that goes something like, “you are what you eat”. No intelligent adult believes that if they have a piece of cake that they will in fact turn into a piece of cake. The basis of this old adage is that the things we put into our body constantly will be reflected in our body’s composition. So instead lets talk about the flour and sugar that of which the cake was made. To make that delicious piece of cake sweet, the cook used sugar.

From previous blog posts, we now fully understand what sugar does as it enters the bloodstream. But wait there’s more. When sugar enters your body it can upset the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, attacking your intestinal lining. We wear intestinal inflammation in the form of our bellies being in a state of constant distention. A heavy sugar user will have a “gut” there is no hiding it. Next, the grain used in the form of white flour. Flour, like sugar, will break down your intestinal lining. When our intestinal lining becomes compromised the food, enzymes, and bacteria that are supposed to be restricted to the stomach enter the body and can cause serious issues like: gas, bloating, and cramping.

Ever felt sick after an especially bad meal? That “sickness” is from eating simple carbohydrates like sugar, dairy, and flour can turn you into tired, rashy, joint aching mess. When eating these types of foods the body turns against itself. If the body is in a constant state of inflammation it leads to a very bad autoimmune response.

Eliminating these foods we can start to Look and Feel better. If we want to have lean, strong, and energetic bodies we must consume lean meats, power packed veggies, and fuel ourselves with complex carbohydrates consistently. We are what we eat.