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Get Up, It’s Time to Train!

Posted at 10:06 am in News by toddsmith

The earlier the better. My experience with clients over the last 10 has been just that. If the gym is the first thing you do everyday what else can get in the way? You will be way more successful if you’re the type of person who has a lot of responsibilities away from the gym or outside your own fitness goals. Think about all things that can get in the way between now and lunch or the end of the work day. How many times have you forgotten about an assignment or have extra homework after class? Has your boss ever asked you to stay late and caused you to miss spin class? Have you ever had to go pick up a kid early from school because they have gotten sick?

These things never make you feel good about yourself but are a normal part of life. Realistically stuff is going to happen that makes us restructure our day occasionally. The last thing you’d want is to stack a bunch of days like this in a row. Why not head off these problems before the day starts? The only thing between you and a early morning workout is….you. Get it done before the day begins, you will feel better and give yourself a chance to be your best. The only feeling early morning clients leave with is that of energy, joyful optimism and excitement to start the day feeling their best. #TSFitness #NoOneHasRegrettedAWorkout