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Pokémon Go Outside and Play with Your Kids!!

Posted at 2:16 pm in News by toddsmith

Over the past few days the world has been enamored with Pokémon Go, a new free app available for your smart phone. The app combines a popular 90s TV Show/Card Game/Video game and throws the users outside into a virtual word in the real world. Pokémon Go was built on Nianatic’s Real World Gaming Platform and uses landmarks, parks, buildings and other real local places to get players outside and searching for Pokémon. Pokémon is a combination of two Japanese words, “Poketto” and “Monsut”. Translation: Pocket Monster. This app was designed to get you and your family off the couch and on the go exploring your surroundings.

Many people have been fixated with the label, “just a silly game” that will be gone in a couple weeks. I will also be the first to admit that I am definitely more than a little bias because this game is part of my childhood. I understand why parents would be apprehensive about introducing more “screen time” via another app on their kid’s smart phones. What you absolutely can not deny is the amount of extra exercise your family will get. Not to mention time spent on similar interest which is priceless. Just last night my family walked 6.3 kilometers chasing these Pocket Monsters around the Old Market (hot spot tip). For those of you against using the world’s metric system that’s 4 miles! The game keeps track and the further you walk the more in game bonuses you get. Seems like an good, active way to spend a Monday evening to me…

At the very least Pokémon Go is just another option to get moving with your family. We spend so much time indoors, sitting behind a desk, and on the couch why not get outside and enjoy our short beautiful summer. Being active goes a long way in the never ending quest to Look our Best, Feel our Best, and Being our best.