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Fully Submit to the Process.

Posted at 10:06 am in News by toddsmith

Out of all of our blog post this probably should have been the very first topic of discussion. This is the hardest part of the whole transformation process because this is something that doesn’t immediately show to the outside world. I am talking about fully submitting to the process. I truly believe this is more difficult than eating clean and training smart combined. Being willing to let go and fully trust, wholeheartedly, in the directions laid out in front of you is really difficult for most people. For most of us this is new uncharted territory, to give your health over to another in individual. The only thing I can liken it to is sailing through a fog blindfolded and letting your guide navigate you to your destination which you’ve never visited before. The important thing to remember is that you stepped your foot through that door because you wanted help with this journey. In the past you may have set sail and achieved some success only to turn back around. You might have even got out pretty far only to become pushed off course by life and need help righting the ship. That is where we come in. Let our knowledge and experience guide you to Looking and Feeling your best. Everyone’s current condition, to a large degree, is a result of the decisions you have made. Now let us steer this boat to a better more fit you. The only thing we ask is that you fully submit to the process. You have to keep in mind that achieve any level of health and/fitness is not a $19.99 – 2 day program. Each step needs you to devote yourself fully, keeping in mind each builds upon the last. If you attempt an amalgamation of your philosophy, the next guy’s philosophy and ours you will fail miserably. At all times you have to keep your eye on the goal of feeling and looking better. The distraction of what those around you are doing will steer you off course quicker than storm. Full submit to the process, take consistent action, and focus on your own personal progress.