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Impossible to Work Off Your Dinner Plate!

Posted at 10:11 am in News by toddsmith

There is a ton of literature passed around from gym to gym, from website to website. As fitness professionals we are inundated with old, new, and conflicting information. How are we supposed to expect the general public to sort through all of the diet and weight loss information out there? We don’t expect you to here at Todd Smith Fitness. Our staff is armed with the knowledge to help you reach your goals in the healthiest and safest manner possible.

We have nutritional tent poles at Todd Smith Fitness. A major tent pole is that without doing yourself bodily harm it is nearly impossible to out work your dinner plate. IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO OUT WORK YOUR DINNER PLATE.  It is quite common to hear people, friends, and family say things like, “I workout so I can eat what I want”. This statement is flawed but true. We all have the capacity to eat what we want, whenever we want it. Todd Smith Fitness can help with eating what it takes to lose fat. If you load your plate with processed foods, fried foods, “health foods”, and other body deteriorating foods you’ll never create the right internal environment to lose fat no matter how long, intense, or frequent you workout. If you want to learn how to eat better so you can Look your best, Feel your, and Be your best we can help you. If you want to accelerate the process with with resistance training in a safe controlled environment I only have one thing to say to you: Welcome to Todd Smith Fitness.

– jl